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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Rural Land

Man in camo using a turkey call in green wooded land

The possibilities are endless when it comes to rural land. Acreage presents a bounty of opportunity and the freedom to pursue whatever interests you. If you’re considering purchasing land or already own property but aren’t sure how to use it, here are a few ideas to help you plan.

1. Landscaping

If you have an open property, landscaping can add beauty to your space and even increase its value. Planting various trees, shrubs and other horticultural features can add color and texture to your property, while strategically placed paths and seating areas can offer peaceful retreats to enjoy the scenery. You can hire professional landscapers to design and implement plans that align with your vision and complement the rural surroundings.

2. Homesteading

Self-sufficiency is a growing trend. If you like the idea of growing and harvesting your own food and other resources, consider if small-scale livestock and crops may be right for you. Building a greenhouse could extend your growing season for fresh produce and flowers. Whether you envision cultivating vegetable gardens or raising chickens, homesteading can be a rewarding journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle and increased self-reliance.

3. Sporting

If you have a passion for hunting or fishing, owning rural land could be a dream come true. Strategically planning your property with water sources or timbered spaces helps attract various wildlife. Check out organizations like Defenders of Wildlife for ways to make your land more enticing for a particular species. Research and understand any regulations, including flood zone and water quality considerations for ponds and creeks.

4. Connecting With Your Land

Embrace the natural beauty of your land by focusing on preservation efforts. Consider connecting with an expert on local flora and fauna. Under the right guidance, planting food plots and native plants can support pollinators, improve biodiversity and help attract wildlife to your property. Creating a wildlife-friendly environment supports local ecosystems and provides a sanctuary for indigenous species to thrive.

5. Other Outdoor Activities

Simply looking for ways to have more fun with your family? Your property is perfect for practicing your favorite hobbies and enjoying the great outdoors. Whether designing a motocross course, clearing space for a communal fire pit or building a treehouse, rural living gives you the independence to bring your unique vision to life.

There are countless ways to make the most of your rural land beyond farming or ranching. Ready to pursue rural financing for your outdoor aspirations? Learn more about our bare land loans to get started. 

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