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Checking All the Boxes With Rural 1st

Bree Shroyer has lived in Harrison County, Indiana nearly all her life. But until recently, she’d never had a home that truly felt like hers. Tired of asking homeowner associations for permission to make changes to her own properties, Bree decided it was time to do what she wanted, where she wanted, when she wanted.

Bree set out in search of more freedom and flexibility to create the life she wanted to live. The only challenge was none of the homes available on the market met all of her wants and needs. Building her own home on her own land was going to be her best option.

“Bree and I looked at several different properties together on and off for a couple of years,” says Steven Day, a Realtor® with Lopp Realtors in Corydon, Indiana. “We came out to this one, and I could tell it was the property for her. Bree loved it. I knew it was going to be a great deal and a great opportunity for her.”

Bree purchased the land, then she reached out to Rural 1st to secure the financing for construction.

“Bree was in a great position. She understood the cost involved and knew her budget,” says her loan officer, Matt Schickel. “Because she knew a lot of those answers, we were able to hit the ground running early with her and get the process started quickly. Once we knew her cost to build, we got her loan into underwriting, got her approved and then waited for blueprints to be finished so we could move forward with the appraisal.”

Bree admits she’d built her dream home long before the blueprints were ever drawn up.

“I started building my house like four years ago before I ever had land,” she says.

The process for withdrawing funds for each stage of construction was seamless, thanks to Rural 1st’s digital draw tool that helped Bree track progress and manage her budget.

Excitement began to build as construction wrapped and Bree’s finished home began to come together—butler pantry and all!

“I finally have my space back. I have what I want, exactly how I want it,” she says. “Being able to check all the boxes for what I want in my forever home is exciting.”

With construction behind her, Bree looks forward to the years ahead.

“I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to live out here and have peace and quiet, but also be close enough to still host friends and family when I want to,” she says. “It’s just the way that I like to spend my time.”

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