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Five Rural Housing Trends You Need to Know

Man feeding chickens with a white barndominium home in the background

So you’re interested in a move to the country, but you are not sure what exactly that looks like once you are there? The good news is you have plenty of options available to make your rural vision come to life. Rural 1st is here to help you discover which option is right for you.


Growing in popularity because of their flexible design, barndominiums (also called barndos) are a great home type for those interested in durability and style. Because they’re often considered unconventional, many lenders will not finance barndominiums in the same way they will finance a conventional home. Rural 1st is very familiar with this popular home trend and offers conventional financing on most barndos, with a one-time close.

Log Homes

A Log home is another option that offers similar aesthetics as barndos but are also considered unconventional by most lenders. Rural 1st also offers loans on log homes in the same way we do for barndominiums, complete with expertise from team members who understand rural living to help bring your rustic dreams to life.


What you plan to do at home may be more important to you than the type of home you live in. Homesteading is a self-sufficient lifestyle that promotes living off the land and is popular amongst those interested in owning livestock, growing their food, making their clothes and so on. Although a bit more involved than simply living on a rural property, many homesteaders enjoy the rewards reaped from their hard work.

Outdoor Aspirations

Maybe you are looking for more than just a home in the country? Maybe your rural dreams include enough space to enjoy hobbies like hunting, fishing, off-roading and beyond. Connect with a forestry and wildlife specialist in the local area who can teach you how to best maintain the property and set yourself up for success.

Retirement Retreats

Many retirees choose to settle down in less urban settings to escape the concrete jungle and associated high costs of living there. They’ve come to recognize that many of the things they aspire to experience post-career — peace and quiet, beautiful scenery, space—can all be found in rural communities. Although typical destinations like Florida remain popular, many retirees are coming to see the benefits of living in rural areas across the country.

Whether you’re looking to retire, lead a more self-sufficient lifestyle or cast a line in the comfort of your own backyard, rural living is brimming with appeal. We can help you achieve your unique goal with advice and expert guidance as you make the decision that’s best for you. Reach out today to get in touch with one of our rural lending experts.

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