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Raising the 3rd Generation on Family Land

White famhouse style home with a black roof

Brandon Shields grew up on a small family farm in Lexington, Indiana—part of the same homestead where his father and grandparents had spent their lives. A self-described country boy, Brandon never pictured himself anywhere else. He loves the privacy of rural living and the boundless opportunities to spend time in nature.

When it came time for him and his wife, Jenna, to find a new home for their growing family, they knew just where they wanted to plant their roots—the same land he’d grown up on.

As a real estate professional, Brandon knew from the start that building a home would be best for his family’s needs. Though they briefly considered purchasing an existing home, he and Jenna ultimately valued the flexibility and personalization construction would allow.

The couple knew how important it was to work with someone who truly understood their lifestyle. With a local Rural 1st office just down the road, it didn’t take them long to get started. Brandon connected with loan officer Connor Welch, who talked him through the process and helped create a plan.

“We had a lot of back and forth as we worked to get all the ducks in a row,” Connor shared. “ Construction comes with a unique set of challenges, but we got creative and pushed through to ensure the final product was something Brandon and Jenna would love.”

Over the next several months, Brandon worked closely with a team of contractors to bring their dream to life. The result? A gorgeous open-concept farmhouse twice the size of their previous home, complete with beamed ceilings, plenty of natural light and 22 windows. Brandon credits Jenna with the vision for the home’s design and Rural 1st with providing the support they needed to make it happen.

“Connor was great. We had a strong working relationship throughout the process,” he said. “We love everything about the home. The journey to get here was so worth it.”

Brandon and Jenna have enjoyed watching their girls’ excitement at finally having their own spaces. They’re looking forward to continuing to raise the third generation of the Shields family on the property.

If you’re interested in embarking on a rural journey to find your own space in the country, our team can help. Connect with us today to learn more. 

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