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The Eighth Time’s the Charm

A utility vehicle driving down a rural road between farm fields.

After living in the suburbs for several years, Michael Cox decided the lifestyle wasn’t for him. With his kids now out of the house, he wanted to live somewhere more scenic and secluded, so he searched for a new property.

He landed on 47 beautiful acres in Cedar Hill, Tennessee, surrounded by antique farms to build on. However, he struggled to find financing because of the size of the lot. After being turned down by two different lenders, he reached out to Amy Moss-Johnson, a former classmate and current Rural 1st Loan Officer. He heard great things about Rural 1st from local farmers and wanted to check them out.

A pond with a newly built rural home in the background.

“In my experience working with other banks, they often over complicate the process and fee you to death,” Michael explained. “Every lender offers a mortgage calculator, but the actual total always comes out to much higher than I anticipated. When Amy’s estimate came out to just two dollars more than what I calculated, I knew I could trust Rural 1st.”

What Michael enjoyed most about working with Amy and the team was how simple they made everything and how quickly they worked. Having previously been through eight mortgages and a couple of refinances, he valued a lender that could get the job done seamlessly, offer a one-time close on his construction and even provide the option to convert his interest rate every 12 months to a lower one.*

The front door of a newly built rural home.

“Out of basically ten different mortgages, this is the best home we’ve ever had,” Michael shared. “I tell anyone looking to build to work with Rural 1st for a great experience.”

A utility vehicle driving down the driveway of a newly built rural home.

If your story is similar to Michael’s and you’re looking to purchase or build your dream home, connect with one of our expert lenders today to get started.

*Provided that eligibility requirements are met. Conversion has a one-time fee of $750.00. Terms and Conditions may apply. The fee is subject to change without notice.

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