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Working With Rural Real Estate Agents

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Rural 1st is the leader in rural lending for a reason. Our deep understanding of rural financing and customer needs means we provide the customers who turn to us with solutions designed to help them achieve their rural living dreams. If you’re a real estate agent looking for a partner with expertise in rural land, home or construction loans, look no further. When you send your clients to Rural 1st, they’ll gain access to specified knowledge, open communication and exceptional service.

Rural 1st’s knowledge of rural living and the unique needs associated with financing properties in rural areas sets us apart from many traditional lenders. We don’t just provide transactional financing—we aim to be a true partner for real estate agents and your clients, helping you navigate nuanced issues such as unconventional home builds and large, complex acreage tracts. Because most of us live and love the same lifestyle your clients seek, we speak and understand the lingo, ask the right questions and are in tune with the needs of rural borrowers.

We believe in creating genuine relationships and delivering exceptional service to everyone – real estate agents and clients included. Our team works together every step of the way to meet deadlines, communicate regularly and work diligently toward our shared goal of closing the loan and getting the client one step Closer to What Matters®.

Our loan officers are top-notch and collaborate closely with an extended network of professionals, including third-party appraisers, attorneys, title companies, foresters, surveyors, tax professionals, land clearing companies and land consultants to ensure that every transaction goes as smoothly as possible. We can continue to help even beyond the primary property mortgage by offering loans for those who might want to make improvements to their home or land and enhance their rural lifestyle.

We value communication and are always available to clients and real estate agents by phone or email. Our loan officers are knowledgeable about the area and current market conditions, enabling them to take a property from start to finish. We offer competitive rates and custom terms and are constantly learning and growing with the market to make doing business with us easier than ever.

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